Are smoothies a good breakfast replacement? 

It can be a great part of one, a replacement only if it is made with whole foods that offer a healthy balance of protein (such as yogurt, peanut butter, or eggs), complex carbs (like the ones in oatmeal or veggies), and fiber. On the other hand, they can be high in calories (often as much as 400-900cal) and sugar (often 25-75g per serving). Keep an eye on ingredients, looking for fibre and protein content, hidden sugars and artificial ingredients. If it lacks protein, you can add that easily to suit your taste.

What’s in the pouch?
Two pre-measured packs of fruits and veggies you can see. And Fru-V is the only smoothie kit with AÇAÍ PURÉE, FLAX, SPIRULINA, GOJI BERRIES and HEMP PROTEIN in a SUPERFOODS puck.

 How do you make a Fru-V smoothie?
Fru-V gives you a nutritious smoothie in seconds. To make one smoothie, just add 1 fruit & veggie pack, 1 puck and ½ cup water to a blender. Cover and blend on high to desired consistency. If you prefer a thinner smoothie, just add more water.

 Can I really make Fru-V smoothies with water?
Absolutely! Fru-V has amazing flavour when made with water. That way you’re not adding extra sugar. But they also taste great blended with dairy and non-dairy beverages.

Is Fru-V vegan?
Yes! Just make your smoothies with water.

How much sugar does Fru-V have?
We don’t add refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. Fru-V is sweetened with the naturally occurring sugars in the fruit. Berry-Veggie has just 10 g of sugar per serving and Tropical-Veggie has 15 g. That’s a lot less than bottled smoothies that can have as much as 51 g sugar per serving (we won’t reveal the brands but you can check the labels).

Can you make smoothies without dairy?

Yes! Fru-V has and easily. If you like your smoothie creamy without dairy, you can use avocado, banana, tofu or cauliflower or substitute with any non-dairy milk, such as soy, almond, rice or coconut. If none of these are options for you and you are not worried about creamy texture you can also use less liquid and that will thicken your smoothie.